1. It is not allowed to connect to the server without valid subscription. If your subscription has finished or has been paused (suspended), you need to disconnect from the server the same day by deleting the settings you were provided in the billing from your receiver and reboot it. Simply speaking – you need to do an action opposite to the one when you connected to the server for your receiver to stop taking free sockets from the server and stop sending requests for encoding. Penalty for violation – 5€

2. Cascading is strictly prohibited. It is not allowed to use delayed encoding and encode old records. It is allowed to watch and record simultaneously only 1 channel. It is not allowed PiP option (picture in picture) without pre-paid Dual Login option. It is allowed to send only 1 request for encoding each 10 seconds, 360 – per hour, 8,640 requests per day. Cascading is a theft resulted in banned account without possibility to restore. All your account funds will be abolished. With pre-paid Dual Login, limits will be doubled; it is allowed to use PiP; it is allowed to watch one channel and record the other one at a time. Please note: the function FCC (Fast Channel Change) is forbidden on our server. Using this function equates to cascading!

3. It is not allowed to use delayed encoding. It is allowed to record programs only with real-time encoding. For the attempt to encode an old record resulting in the cards overload and all other users suffer, your account will be disabled without a possibility to restore, and balance will be nulled and void.

4. Frequent reconnects to the server will also be punished. Your IP address and account can be banned for very frequent reconnects to the server (>100 per hour) for any reason. Frequent reconnects can be caused by use of the same settings in several locations, error in login or password, sending wrong requests, etc. It’s a desperate measure to protect the server against such micro-attacks. Penalty for violation – 5€

5. Account can also be disabled for requests with damaged ECM structure your receiver sends to the server. In 70% of the cases, the reason is in a very bad satellite signal and 30% of the cases – in unstable internet connection. Corrupt request will cause the cards reboot and, very often- their irreversible blocking. The result of broken ECM is a picture failure experienced by all users, and, in case of killing the card- monetary expenses. Penalty for violation – 5€

6. It is not allowed to connect to multi-account from various external IP addresses at a time. Multi-account, or so-called multi-room is a possibility of connection of up to 3 receivers per 1 account. This option has been developed only for the families having more than 1 receiver in the flat (or private house). All connections shall be made from a single external IP address, i.e. all receivers shall be physically connected to a single router (modem) of a single provider. Options of the following types: home+office, office+summer cottage, etc. are not allowed. Even short-time connection per 1 account simultaneously from different locations is a rude violation of the rules and is equal to the theft. It is punished by disabling account without the right to restore and deleting balance.

7. It is not allowed to connect to the server with wrong or not existing login or password. Penalty for violation – 5€

8. It is not allowed to connect to the backup server using different receiver or emulator. Settings for the main and backup server can be used only by one receiver and emulator. If connection to different servers is detected from different receivers, emulators, IP addresses, not to speak of sending different requests to the both servers within one time period, account will be disabled without a possibility to restore and without any compensation. Amount on the balance will be withdrawn and subscription(s) canceled. Freebies, don’t risk, you will fail!

9. It is not allowed to send EMM requests to the server. Penalty for violation – 5€. For oscam emulator, it is required to add au=0 in oscam.conf file, [dvbapi] section; for cccam emulator, CCcam.cfg file, add (change) DISABLE EMM : yes

10. It is not allowed to send KeepAlive requests to the server more often than 1 per 5 minutes for each port. Penalty for violation – 5€

11. It is not allowed to connect to any port using more than one emulator. One (1) connection maximum is allowed per each port. Penalty for violation – 5€. Owners of Openbox receiver and its clones have rather frequent problem when adjuster installs, ex. mgcamd emulator, however he does not disable all other emulators available, ex. xcamclient which is importing mgcamd’ settings and starts connecting to the same ports by itself. As a result, emulators are conflicting with each other and the clients see the picture coming and going. If you use mgcamd emulator with Openbox receiver, delete /var/etc/protect/xcam folder necessarily!

12. Sending duplicated requests for decoding to the server. Penalty for violation – 5€. Requests for decoding is allowed to be sent not frequently than 1 time per 5 seconds.

13. Is not allowed to use CCcam and Newcamd protocol at the same time. Only 1 protocol on your choice can be used at any time on all receivers! For subscriptions with active multiroom option, all boxes must use same protocol. Penalty for violation – 5€

14. It is forbidden to connect Cryptobox receivers of all models to the server! The firmware of these receivers has a built-in Trojan that requests from ours and relays to the servers of 3 countries from 1 to 10 channels (cascading).

15. No refund, no transfer to other account. One can use balance only for buying subscriptions

16. Administration reserves the right to change content of the packages, delete or add channels (packages) without preliminary notification and any compensation.

17. This is not administration liability, if a problem with provision of services arises not due to a fault of the server (provider bankruptcy, applying new methods of protection by provider, revolution in the country, cyber attack, war, etc).