In case of problems with the show, the request shall contain as much information as possible, in particular:

  1. Your login in the system
  2. Name of the package, login and password of the subscription (for ex.: SkyUk, 9873287, 5093784)
  3. External IP address (you may learn it by visiting
  4. Name of receiver, firmware version and emulator used (incl.version) (for ex.: Dreambox 500HD, Newnigma 2.0, Mgcamd 1.35a)
  5. Full description of the problem (for ex.: today, HD channels of HD+ package stopped working, SD channels are working OK. Satellite rescanned, receiver rebooted, signal from satellite is OK, channels are OK in the channel list, emulator settings were compared to those given in the billing – OK, your recommended configs are used, connection to the server port is successful, it is clear from the log-file that requests to the server are OK, but no response. Emulator settings files are attached. Please help to find the reason.)
  6. it is required to attach emulator configs used, log-file of emulator operation, log of pings and route to the server.